Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blue October

This was the absolute best concert ever!!! We have been listening to Blue October's music for the past year or 2 but lately we've been a little obsessed. It is kind of ridiculous!! This is the only thing playing in our cars.

We went to the concert on July 28 at Saltair with our good friends Tom and Amanda.

Justin Furstenfeld- The lead singer.
He has bumped Jason Stathom and Matthew McConaughey from my #1 spot.
He is so hot!!!!! :-)

Cole and I waiting outside.

The gang!

We were so close... We loved it!

Lead singer of Switchfoot. He was a really nice guy!

And yes... that is us with Justin!!!
Everyone was about to head back to the car but I told them to wait at the chance of seeing the band. Amanda yells "I love you Blue October!" They head over to us and we take a pic and get a few autographs! It was great.

We are heading down to Vegas on Thursday to see their concert again. It'll be awesome!

Here's a little video! I love how he dances... so hot! :-)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Girl's Night & Girl's Night Again

I am so happy and greatful to be surrounded by so many great girlfriends. Some have been around for many years and we've been through many (mostly) ups and downs together. Then there are new friends either through spouces, neighbors or work. I am one lucky lady to be able to know all you girls! Thanks for your friendship!
Anyways... a few of the Delta wives (husbands are from Delta) and I got together on 03-12-09 to make flower magnets and hair clips. I enjoy the idea of crafts but I don't even attempt to do crafts on my own. I have to be with people and see how things work before I feel comfortable doing things on my own... I need the inspiration!
Of course we had to have a movie going while we worked and we decided on Moulin Rouge. We sang our little hearts out!
We had so much stuff to work with...

Here are some of the finished products.

Jenni and me.

Last night, 03-17-09, some of the girls from high school (Lauren and Angie) and I went and had pedicures done. I love these girls! Not everyone could make it but I am glad we are still doing our monthly get-togethers... 3 in a row.

Yes we all had the same color done.
Angie, Lauren and me.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weird dream...

So Monday morning I had a dream that I was at the hospital getting ready to give birth. I remember my mom being there and a nurse. For some reason the nurse tells me the date which is February 20, 2011. Later in the dream I give birth to a boy.

So weird... I'm mainly posting this just for proof incase it does come true and you're all witnesses! :-) Wouldn't that just be waayyyy crazy!

I just can't get over how odd the dream was!

So anywho... how about that bachelor last night. Totally suprised me! All I can say is that it makes for great drama. I honestly never really care what happens (of course you feel sad when the person you like leaves ) I just need to get my fix of drama for the week! But I hope you all enjoyed it like I did. I'm also excited for the ATFR 2 tonight!

Monday, March 2, 2009


I don't know about you but I'm pretty excited, as always, for the finale of the Bachelor tonight.

I love and hate this show. Whenever I watch it I'm always making comments on how I hate that I watch this show or how stupid/cheesy/embarassing something is. Cole just sits there and laughs when I make my comments. Secretly I think he enjoys the show too.

I'm not sure what I want to happen tonight. I wanted him to choose Jillian but that won't happen so we'll see what tonight brings. Will he choose Melissa and propose to her with her family there, will Molly be pregnant, will he want to get back with Deanna, will he just X everyone and decide he made a mistake with Jillian... I just don't know!

If you love the show too and want to watch it with someone... give me a call and come to my place. Yes a few of us "Bachelor freaks" are going to watch it together!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Geez our blog is boring...

Can you tell I haven't been in the mood to post for a while?! So here is our update for the past month or two.

*In our previous post I mentioned Cole and I had our 2 year anniversary. Cole didn't want to do the typical dinner and movie so we decided to do a short get away. We went to Lava Hot Springs for a night to celebrate. On our first anniversary we went to Wendover so who knows... we might have a tradition in the making.
Oh my is this town small!! We went to a little pizza joint for dinner and enjoyed a long night in the hot springs. They were so hot but so relaxing. On the ride home Saturday Cole took me to Grace, Idaho to show me the town he grew up in. It was nice to see the town his family talks about.

*We've been to a couple of Jazz games that have been fun and also not too fun. All I can say is the games are a lot more fun and easier to pay attention to when you have good seats. Thanks to Carrie we were able to sit on the lower bowl for the Memphis game.

*Some of us girls have finally been able to get together for a lunch or movie. My friend Angie had her baby and I hadn't been able to see her yet so we got together for lunch at Olive Garden as usual and at the usual table too.
Last weekend some of us were able to get together to see "He's just not that into you". Thanks for coming girls... It was nice spending time together. Sorry Lauren you weren't able to make it I hope next time you can.
Oh by the way... who is planning the next one?! :-)

*Last Friday (2-20-09) Cole, Griffin, Sadie, Shawn and I went to Brighton to go night skiing and to teach the youngin's how to snowboard. It was an interesting night. I sprained my wrist on the first ride down and spent the rest of the night in the lodge. I wasn't really having fun so honestly I was praying that something would happen to me! :-) Sadie and Griffin seemed to do really well on their first time trying. I hope they will go again. Thanks again Cole for teaching Griffin.

*We were pretty anti-Valentine's this year. The first Valentine we spent together married Cole got me Elli... our cute little (not so little anymore) chocolate lab puppy... and since then he figures he can't beat that so why try right?! We were going to do some window shopping but the weather was so crappy that day that we just went to lunch at Cafe Rio (always good) and just chilled and watched movies the rest of the day. As long as we spent time together that's all that matters.

*Last year for Valentine's Cole gave me a massage gift certificate. Don't ask me what I was thinking but I just barely got around to using it. It was so nice though. I got so sit in a sauna and hot tub for an hour and then had an hour massage. It was great but my back was sore since I asked her to do a deep massage. I think I could go for another one this week! :-)

More to come... hopefully!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Tag your it!
Read all of these fun things about US and then if we "Tag" you at the end you need to do a post answering all of these questions and then pass it along. Its fun to read each others answers.

8 Favorite TV Shows
1. 24
2. The O.C.
3. The Office
4. Seinfeld
5. Real World
6. The Jazz (it should be considered a sitcom since we watch it a few times a week)
7. 30 Rock
8. CSI Las Vegas

8 Favorite Dishes
1. Steak
2. Hamburgers
3. Camp fire hot dogs
4. Dutch oven potatoes and chicken
5. Chips and salsa
6. Betos Burritos
7. Ice cream
8. Fondue

8 Things That happened Yesterday
1. We worked
2. Ate ice cream
3. Bought a gym pass
4. Worked out
5. Watched TV
6. Made Elli a "chastity belt" ha
7. Made dinner together
8. Slept

8 Things We Look Forward To
1. The weekend
2. Mini vacations
3. Spring/Summer/Fall
4. Hot pots
5. Spending time with our families
6. Having grass
7. Boating
8. Camping!!!!

8 Things We Love About Fall
1. Leaves change
2. The weather
3. When we got engaged
4. My birthday
5. Halloween
6. Hiking in cool weather
7. The color orange (just me)
8. ?

8 Things On Our Wish List
1. That the economy picks back up so Cole can make the big bucks
2. That my job keeps me for at least another 12 or 18 months
3. For me to be a stay at home mom someday
4. To start our own business
5. To go on a cruise
6. Be debt free
7. Get into killer shape
8. To be happy and have fun as much as possible

Angie, Lauren, Lisa H., Michaun, Carrie, and Kristi - Tag your it!

Monday, January 12, 2009

January 12, 2007

YEAH...Happy two years to Cole and me!
This is the only pic I have at work of us.

Our wedding day was perfect, except for the part where I was throwing up all day, (I hope it wasn't a sign :-)). It was cold and snowy but it was great. We are definately going to watch our wedding video tonight. I'll have to post it so everyone can see just how great the day was!!
Time is just flying by. We have definately experienced a lot together over this short time but I am glad that it was all with Cole. And I am excited to experience many more things over the next "forever". Who knows what this next year will have in store?!
Happy Anniversary Coley Woley... I love you babe!